What is Fileo?

In many projects one of the features is to import data from files. This process usually looks like this: we load the data from some file, validate and correct data we process.

Developers often have different opinions as to which library is better for loading data from a file. But is that the most important thing? What if the import needed to support different types of files? For example: .csv, .xls, .xlsx.
In my opinion it does not matter how we load the data but what we will do with them next. That's why I'm came up with the idea to develop a solution that will allow us to forget about how to load data from file into memory and focus on data processing.

Fileo is a facade which helps you easily load data from different types of files into a single structure. All you have to do is define the structure of the loaded file. A few minutes and you have the data from the file in memory.

Currently being able to import from a file: .csv, .xls, .xlsx (below informations about libraries). Of course you can change it. Changing the library is related to code changes in one file.
Fileo supports many common types of validation. This allows you to focus only on the custom cases.

You cannot wait to try Fileo? Be sure to check the documentation :) Let's go!

Technical informations

Language: C# (version: 6, but you can easily run code in older versions with just a few syntax changes;))
Libraries for load data from file (of course you can change it):
Csv: Microsoft.VisualBasic (TextFieldParser)
Xls: NPOI (version 2.3)
Xlsx: DocumentFormat.OpenXml (version 2.5)
Logger: NLog (version: 4.4.7)
Unit tests: Microsoft.VisualStudio.QualityTools.UnitTestFramework